Freitag, 01. Juni 2018
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Vortrag der vJUG „Jenkins X: Continuous Delivery for Kubernetes“

Am Dienstag den 5.6. um 18:00 Uhr streamt die virtualJUG einen Vortrag mit dem Thema „Jenkins X: Continuous Delivery for Kubernetes“. Der Vortrag geht etwa eine Stunde und wir sitzen hier - am Standort Halle - gemütlich beisammen. Bei ein paar Snacks und Getränken lassen wir den Abend gemütlich ausklingen. Wir freuen uns sehr, wenn Sie, gern auch mit Freunden, vorbeikommen.

Hier noch eine kurze Beschreibung des Vortrags:
The last 5 years has seen a huge change in how we build, package, run and manage software with the rise of Kubernetes, Cloud Native, Microservices and Continuous Delivery. As a result we all need to get better at delivering business value to our customers faster and continuously with a cloud native strategy - but how?

This talk will introduce you to a new open source project, Jenkins X which is an open source CI / CD platform for Kubernetes based on Jenkins.

After a couple of slides we'll spend most of talk demonstrating how to get stuff done with Jenkins X:

  • easily setup your own Jenkins based CI / CD system on your cloud of choice
  • quickly get started developing new microservices with automated CI / CD
  • import existing projects with automated CI / CD
  • use Pull Requests to trigger CI, Preview Environments, human approval then a full CD release
  • use automated provisioning to testing, staging, ephemeral and production environments via helm charts and GitOps

After this talk you should be able to develop at full speed with CI / CD in a cloud native way in any language on any cloud or kubernetes cluster! Lets all go faster!

Speaker: James Strachan

I created the Groovy programming language and Apache Camel integration framework. These days I work for CloudBees on Jenkins X: automated CI/CD for Kubernetes. Blog:

Wann: 5. Juni 2018, 18 Uhr
Wo: ckc group, Große Ulrichstr. 21, 06108 Halle (Saale)